Hi, I’m Sydney. 

I’ll admit that I’m typical of my generation in that I’m passionate about environmental causes.... and I’m also a furniture junkie! How could I not be? Decoration and interior design have always been central to my family life. I grew up in a home where much of our furniture and decor changed on a regular basis. The changes were subtle, however, and if you visited our house from one season to the next, only an astute observer might notice a new piece of art or a different rug, sofa or chair. To my mom, a professional interior designer, our furnishings held special meaning and everything she chose was thoughtfully selected for its unique beauty as well as its useful function. She saw every piece as art unto itself - with its own provenance, and grew attached to each item for its contribution to the overall aesthetic of our home and for the purpose it served our family.

This sentimentality made it difficult for mom to part with things. Instead of selling to strangers, her tendency was to pass her possessions on to friends and family - “a selfish gesture,” mom would say, so that she would still be able to appreciate a piece’s beauty and service in places she could visit. What mom didn’t give away, she stored and when the urge hit for her and my home-builder-step-dad to retire and downsize, a student of interior design myself, I was faced with a very unique and exciting opportunity.

Consignment Loft is the perfect alignment of my work and passion. My mom taught me to enjoy the beauty in household furnishings regardless of their trends or monetary value. 

Consignment Loft is a showcase of previously enjoyed treasures offered for resale. As a product of a conscious generation, recycling is an important component of environmental conservation and pollution reduction that is dear to my heart. 

At Consignment Loft, we repurpose with purpose so that our buyers, sellers and the planet can benefit.

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